Fakaaʻu ʻa Tonga ki he kainga Tonga nofo mulí


Many Tongans live overseas, but continue to retain close ties to their homeland through remittances, close communication and assistance to families, land ownership, and citizenship, particularly with the introduction of the dual citizenship laws in Tonga in 2007. These close ties usually come with legal obligations that require legal work to be conducted in Tonga.

Loeatongaʻs lawyer has helped Tongans living overseas who came to Tonga in order to complete a task or obligation that requires legal assistance. These tasks include dealing with land matters, registering the birth of a Tongan child born overseas, correcting a mistake on one's Tongan birth certificate, registering an alias name that one uses overseas, change of name, adopting a child, filing a divorce, re-admission to Tongan citizenship and so forth.

Tongans living overseas must pay the cost of their travel to Tonga for these purposes and most have to take time off work in order to travel. They usually face difficulties when they arrive in Tonga due to lack of information or guidance as to where, how and from whom they can get such assistance, and to complete it within a reasonable time frame. Over the years, the founders of loeatonga have seen a rising demand from Tongans living overseas for trustworthy, affordable and time efficient service to provide accurate and up to date information. They need a reliable point of communication to guide them in decision-making and completion of their legal needs. With technology now more accessible and the increased familiarity with, and exposure to, use of the internet, social media and online communication, the present seems to be the perfect time to launch this online legal service. The most notable advantage of this online service is loeatongaʻs commitment to exploring every possibility of completing these tasks without the need and added expense of travel to Tonga. However, if you do want to travel to Tonga anyway, it would be advisable to use our service in order to be fully informed on the law, required documentation and other relevant matters that will help you once you arrive in Tonga.

Loeatonga undertakes to service all our clients to the highest standard and in a professional and efficient manner. We hope this service will be a gateway for bringing Tonga to Tongans overseas.

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