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The loeatonga website is jointly owned and managed by Mrs Gloria Guttenbeil Poleʻo and Mrs Kathleen Guttenbeil Vatuvei. They are committed to delivering services that will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

Lawyer - Gloria Guttenbeil Pole'o

Mrs Pole'o holds a BCom/LLB degree from the University of Otago, New Zealand. She was admitted to the bar at the Auckland High Court in 2002, and later admitted to the bar in the Supreme Court of Tonga in 2003. She has 15 years of legal work experience in Tonga, where she has worked since she graduated from university.

Mrs Pole'o started her career as an Assistant Legal Officer with the Crown Law Office in 2002 where she performed various roles in the Tongan judiciary and government, including prosecution of criminal offenders, providing legal advise to Government Ministries, acting as Guardian Ad Litem in family matters, legislative drafting and secretary to the Government Law Committee. During her time with the Crown Law Office, Mrs Pole'o gained extensive knowledge of the laws of Tonga. Among the highlights of her career with the Crown Law Office was her role in drafting, and public awareness programmes on, the amendments to the Nationality Act in 2007 that allowed dual citizenship for Tongans living overseas who have naturalized (become a citizen of) in their country of residence.

In 2008, the King in Privy Council appointed her to the position of Secretary to the Royal Land Commission. She resigned from the Crown Law Office and took over her new post as Secretary/CEO of the Royal Land Commission from 2008. During her time with the Royal Land Commission, she gained extensive knowledge and expertise in Tonga's land tenure system, land matters, and the Land Act. She received a medal of honour from King George Tupou V in 2008 for her contributions. She completed her work with the Royal Land Commission in June 2012.

In January 2013, the Tongan Parliament appointed her as CEO/Chief Clerk of the Parliament of Tonga. She currently holds this position and her roles include providing legal advise to the Speaker of the Tongan Parliament and Members of Parliament, particularly on the interpretation of the Constitution of Tonga, laws of Tonga, and the Standing Orders of the Tongan Parliament.

Mrs Pole'o is also a member of the Women in Law Association (WILA), and currently holds the executive secretary role in this association of women lawyers.

Despite her current full time job with the Tongan Parliament, Mrs Pole'o retains her law practitioner license and dedicates her non-working hours to carrying out legal work for family, friends and anyone who has asked for her help. She has helped many Tongans from overseas with legal work over the years.

As co-owner of the loeatonga website, Mrs Poleʻo will oversee the provision of all services through the website. She has selected a team of trusted lawyers and colleagues from the legal community in Tonga to assist her when the need arises.

Apart from her professional roles, Mrs Pole'o is a dedicated wife and mother to three children.

Administrative Coordinator- Mrs Kathleen Guttenbeil Vatuvei

Our Administrative Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the performance and management of administrative business operations. Kathleen has a strong background in Business administration and management with 5 years experience in corporate finance and council across New Zealand and Japan. She will ensure all Web and E-Commerce activities are maintained and operating to provide you with timely and quality service. She is currently working overseas in Japan with an International company. Dedicating her non-working hours to community volunteering and is currently listed as an online UN volunteer.

Mrs Vatuvei holds a Bachelor of Arts degree double majoring in Political Studies and Communications and a Post Graduate Diploma is Pacific Studies and Political studies from The University of Auckland, New Zealand. She also has completed a Masters in International Development at Massey University, New Zealand. She enjoys spending time with family, cooking and travelling with her husband and two children.

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